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Monsoon Observations

Do you like the monsoon? I personally was never a fan. Everything gets damp and stuff starts to grow on things you’ve forgotten about in your cupboard. Stepping outside of the comfort of your home is worse. Squelching shoes, clothes sticking to your skin - ack!

But last year during the lockdown, I happily observed the monsoon rains from my bedroom window and found something about it which made my heart so glad - the monsoon sky. Have you ever taken the time to look up at the sky after a good downpour? Everything is washed clean and the evening light a curious mix of yellow, purple, and pink. Just look at those gorgeous colors below!

This year I’ve been too ‘in my head’ to sit and enjoy the monsoon but I did spot this adorable langur, with this long pendulous tail, sheltering from a downpour in the silk cotton tree.

I suppose monsoons are a good time to get a balcony garden going, especially if you have had terrible luck with it earlier. Plants love the rains and the humidity and if you look around, it’s like everything is bursting into life!

So, I’m taking a chance and have brought a rubber plant into my home along with a few other flowering plants. I don’t know if they’ll be around by the time I write my next blog (I seem to have a special knack for killing even the most robust plants) but for now, they’re making this strange time a little cheery for me.

Art-wise, I am working on a graphite course with Rogerio Lupo, and here’s one of the drawings I did with his guidance. I am in awe of the simplicity and the potential of this medium and my head is brimming with ideas for graphite drawings. More on that soon, I hope!

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