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I am a self-taught artist from India inspired by nature and ecology. I love creating painstakingly detailed art inspired by the local flora and fauna around me. 

Most of my work is done with colored pencils and graphite. I am also an avid birder and once in a while, you'll see this fondness for birds in my art too.

Past Exhibitions

  • Taiwan Association of Botanical Artists Plantae Documentary 2024 

  • The Art of Botanical Illustration, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne (2022)

  • A Botanical Showcase, Online by Association of Botanical Artists (2022)

  • ReflectionS, Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Kew Gardens, UK (2021)


"Prerna is an exceptional artist. Her skill and dedication to coloured pencil work is enviable and add to that her professionalism; which make her an artist I want to support. I have commissioned her for a few pieces over the years, and will certainly return for more." - Disha Bose

"Prerna is an extremely talented artist. Her deep connection with the natural world is evident in the way she approaches art. She has great attention to detail. She puts in time and effort to understand the brief and is very open to feedback. The biodiversity map and illustrations for our IIT Kanpur campus biodiversity piece really brought it alive. Her wildflower sketches allowed us to look at her garden through her eyes. It has been delightful collaborating with her. I hope we can work on more projects together." - Megha Moorthy, Editor, Round Glass Sustain

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