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Botanical Artwork for Luxury Gift Bags


In June 2022, I was approached by Impression Originale, a French company specializing in luxury gifting products. They make all kinds of lovely wrapping paper, ribbons, wax seals, tissue paper - basically everything for the art of gift wrapping. 

The brief shared by them mentioned that they were looking for a rich, colorful botanical-themed artwork for a line of gift bags. They shared a photo from their photographer for inspiration and were happy to let me choose the medium I wanted to work with.

Right away, I knew I would like to do this artwork in watercolor and colored pencils. Mixed media is not my preferred way to go for fine artwork but I have found that mixed media is great for commercial artwork.

If you look at the design, you can probably tell that it was heavy work with all the details. I spent countless hours painting it and if I'm being completely honest, there were many many moments of self-doubt. In the end, though, it was all so worth it because the gift bags are absolutely gorgeous! And seeing my artwork on a product was an insanely proud moment for me! 

IO and me.jpg

I also got the chance to visit the Impression Originale store in Paris in summer 2023 and see my design on display. It was all kinds of awesome!

One of the million photos I took while painting

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